250 ml Bottle

For athletes with small thirst

500 ml Bottle

Ready to drink for heavy activity

Powder Pouch or Sachet

Powdermix for 100% natural drink

#1 natural ISOTONIC sports drink

OSONYQ is the number 1 natural Isotonic sports drink that supports the lifestyle of true achievers. Pure Power in a bottle, available in 4 tasty flavours and suitable for vegans.

Low calories
Free of artificial colouring

Bottle 250ml

Don't underestimate the 250ml bottles. Small but effective and also really convenient.

Bottle 500ml

Our 500ml ready-to-drink bottles are popular. Great size for a intensive workout.

Available aBroad

Powder 35 gr

Single servings in 35 gram sachets. Small in size, but powerfull in revitalising your body.

Powder 525 gr

For the intensive sporter the 525 gram pouch is great for every day use.

Available aBroad


OSONYQ is growing every moment, visit our website or register to have a full update on our availiblity.

The Netherlands

Sligro Horeca Groothandel
Several sports facilities


Familia Supercati, IL Gigante, Ama Crai, Migross, Bennet


Petrol (50 locations), Drogerie Markt (DM)

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