Kiki Bertens


Bertens was born on 10 December 1991 in Wateringen near The Hague, but grew up in the town of Berkel en Rodenrijs.

She has two sisters, one older and one younger. Bertens started playing tennis at age six at ATV Berkenrode, a tennis club where her aunt and uncle played. She has been coached by Martin van der Brugghen at the club since she was seven years old. Van der Brugghen recognized her ability and continued to coach her primarily to help her reach her potential. He said: "In the youth we have supported her very much. I taught her for little money because I find it interesting to see how far you can get with someone." Bertens received little support from the Dutch tennis federation.She did not play on the ITF Junior Circuit except for one appearance at the Junior Fed Cup in 2007.

Current WTA singles

Ranking: 4 (August 2019)

Career-High singles

Ranking: 4 (13 May 2019)

Current WTA singles

Ranking: 4 (August 2019)

Current WTA doubles

Ranking: 67

Career-High doubles

Ranking: 16 (16 April 2018)

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