What does osonyq do

The importance of keeping your body hydrated

During exercise, the body loses carbohydrates and fluid. And in most cases it is advisable to keep the fluid loss to a minimum. 
An important feature of a sports drink is the osmolality. We call the osmolality particles that have as many particles in the blood as isotonic,  OSONYQ an isotonic sports drink.

OSONYQ Sports drink improves the performance when you have intensive physical exercise. OSONYQ contains +/- 6 grams of carbohydrates per 100ml. The lost carbohydrates and moisture are replenished quickly, so your body recovers faster. With only 2 grams per 100 ml, OSONYQ is low in sugars, which is of course a strong feature of OSONYQ.

OSONYQ contains the same amounts of osmolality particles as in blood and is absorbed quickly and easily.

OSONYQ contains both fluid and carbohydrates (6 grams per 100 ml) and is an ideal drink for both before and during sports with a high intensity.

Benefits of drinking OSONYQ

Replacing lost carbohydrates

Replacing lost fluids

Fast body

Improve performance

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