OSONYQ official sports drink-supplier sportshop.com supercup handball

August 19, 2019

The new official Sports Drink Partner of the Handbal Sportshop.com Supercup, OSONYQ, has launched a natural isotonic sports drink with a low sugar content.

During the SuperCup Handball in The Dome in Houten, OSONYQ provides all participating teams with the isotonic sports drink.

As a Dutch Brand, OSONYQ has entered into international partnerships with Juventus, AS Monaco and West Ham United in the Netherlands, as well as with customers such as the KNZB, KNBSB and the Judo Bond Nederland.

Evert Bosveld, Manager Sports Centre The Dome: "We are pleased with this cooperation. We think it's important that the handball players during the
Supercup can present itself optimally. By collaborating with OSONYQ, we believe that the organisation can take an extra step in this direction."

Herma van Keulen, Sales Director Benelux OSONYQ Sports Drink is pleased to introduce the handball sport to the unique characteristics of OSONYQ. The use and appearance during the Super Cup will contribute to a greater brand awareness of our natural isotonic sports drink in the recreational sport and give more attention to the distinctive values such as low sugars, gluten-free and optimal recovery."

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OSONYQ official sports drink-supplier sportshop.com supercup handbal

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