Helmond sports and OSONYQ sports drink enter into partnership

August, 2019

Helmond Sport enters into a partnership with OSONYQ, this Dutch company will provide the selection and all youth teams with isotonic sports drink.

Sales Director Herma van Keulen is pleased that Helmond Sport will now also provide its players with OSONYQ Sportsdrink. "In addition to international partnerships with top clubs such as Juventus, West Ham United and recently VFL Wolfsburg, collaborations with clubs such as Helmond Sport, Vitesse and FC Dordrecht contribute to a greater national awareness of our sports drink in recreational sport. The unique properties of OSONYQ as 100% natural, low calorie and optimal recovery fit perfectly with the focus that Helmond Sport puts on health."

Physiotherapist Remco van der Heijden of Helmond Sport is very satisfied with the cooperation with OSONYQ. Van der Heijden: "With OSONYQ's isotonic sports drinks, we can provide the selection with an optimal moisture balance in combination with the right minerals! This drink is ideal for use during the rest of a league match, and as a recovery drink in between two heavy workouts. As Helmond Sport we are very happy that we are allowed to use the products of OSONYQ".

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Helmond sports and OSONYQ sports drink enter into partnership

August, 2019

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