Frédérique Matla

Field Hockey

Hi! My name is Frédérique Matla, I’m 21 years old and I’m a Dutch field hockey player. I started my hockey career at a local club in my hometown when I was seven years old. 

Every day you could find me on the pitch close to home. When I was 14 years old I was selected for the National Under 16-team. In that year I switched my local club for the best European hockeyclub in women’s hockey, namely Den Bosch (19 times national champion). From then on, I worked my way through all the Junior National Teams and I became a player of value in my Den Bosch-team, contributing to 5 national championships and 3 European Club Championships (EHCC). In January 2017 I got selected for the Dutch National Team. That was my first dream coming true.

“The reason why I chose to join the OSONYQ team, is the unique way OSONYQ combines sports, health, nutrition and performance in their products. From my personal educational background and experience as an international sportsplayer, I understand the importance of nutrition in a players’ daily routine. Besides that I’m proud to join the OSONYQ Team, consisting of the World’s best clubs and athletes and I look forward being part of OSONYQ’s ambitions.”

National Team:

Gold World Cup, Londen,
England, 2018

Gold Hockey World League,
Auckland, New Zealand, 2017

Gold European Championships, Amsterdam, Netherland, 2017

Silver World Cup U21,
Santiago, Chili, 2016

Silver Youth Olympic Games,
Nanjing, China, 2014

Invidual Prices:

Topscorer Four Nations, Breda, 2019

Best Player of Dutch Hoofdklasse Play-Offs 2017/2018

Nomination FIH Rising Star of the Year-award 2017/2018

Topscorer World Cup U21, Santiagio, Chili 2016

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