The Royal Dutch Swimming Federation is the national governing body for swimming, waterpolo, diving, Open Water Swimming and synchronized Swimming.

Olympic Games (from 2000)

14 x Gold

Olympic Games (from 2000)

4 x Zilver

Olympic Games (from 2000)

5 x Bronze

World Champions (from 2000)

12 x Gold

World Champions (from 2000)

23 x Zilver

World Champions (from 2000)

12 x Bronze

Our goal is to encourage children to learn how to swim and inspire others to participate in swimming. We stimulate recreational and top-class sport in all kinds of watersports. The Royal Dutch Swimming Federation is also responsible for organizing international world class sport events.

In 1888, The Netherlands only had five swimmingclubs which formed the Dutch Swimming Federation. In 1909 they joined FINA and nowadays, the Dutch Swimming Federation has more than 140.000 members and over 430 clubs.

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