Isotone sports drink for high-performing sport fanatics

Our goal is to provide top-notch sports drink beverages with an natural origin. With every sip you enjoy the taste of a drink that’s naturally flavoured, vegan-friendly, low in calories yet rich in isotones. Pure Power in a bottle. Indulge daily and perform even better!

Vegan & Gluten-free

100% vegan and gluten-free ingredients
that don’t suit the lifestyle
of winners. Your body
deserves realness. 

100% Natural colouring 

Nature is full of powerful treats that enrich our products and boost your body. Why not use them to our advantage? Only the best. Enjoy.

High energy, low sugars

Right amount of isotones, O’sonyq will fuel up your body instantly, without giving you excess calories to process. It’s not just energy; it’s the RIGHT energy. 

Healthy benefits

Supporting your health-conscious lifestyle is on top of our minds. If you’ve got dietary preferences, know this:


All products are entirely gluten-free. Not a single wheat, rye and barley is used in our drinks.  


We love every living creature on this planet so no living animal is harmed for our product.

WADA Proof (Doping proof)

Natural and health-conscious means that we take all regulations into account. All OSONYQ PRO products are 100% approved by the WADA, which means they are entirely doping-proof. 

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