A fantastic drink – for al athletes! Low calories, vegan and fresh taste, even less cold. Personally, I like Blue Berry most due to the fresh and cold note of the Blue Berry and it`s intensive aroma.

Sascha Weiss | Senior Physiotherapist VfL Wolfsburg

OSONYQ Sports Drink helps our team to rehydrate during the match. In the half-time we use the opportunity to refill the lost fluid and carbohydrates of the players to keep up the high performance. After the match replacement of fluid loss and restoration of muscle glycogen concentrations is vital and having access to drinks with the correct volume and composition ensures this can happen again OSONYQ is the right sports drink that exactly fulfil the players need. Rangers FC has a particular interest in nutritional strategies to optimise performance, recovery and nutrition around injuries.”

Craig is First Team Lead Performance Coach. He possesses a Sports and Exercise Science Degree, in addition to a Post Graduate qualification from the International Olympic Committee - IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition.

Craig Flannigan | First Team Lead Performance Coach for Rangers FC

“The interest in using OSONYQ is based on the concept of carbohydrate periodization. Adapt the carbohydrate intake during training sessions according to the energy expenditure expected in the training session. In football, for example, the energy expenditure in many training sessions is not very high. OSONYQ, being a drink with a low concentration of sugars, allows us to offer players a beverage with an attractive taste and not very caloric, thus helping the hydration during training. In this sense, it is an excellent replacement drink with flavors that players like very much.”

Juan Jose Morillas | Sports nutritionist for AS Monaco

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